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Waking up to the Mind Control in Your Life

Are we being mind controlled by shadowy forces?
Conspiracy: Waking Up To The Mind Control In Your Life
Coming in soon in both paperback and e-book format

Why is modern life, with all it's so called technological advantages, so frustrating? Why do we get home and feel so tired it's all we can manage to do to open the wine bottle? How did the work/life balance kilter so massively in favour of work? Will the lockdowns caused by Covid-19 fundamentally change... anything??? Above all, just who is really in charge of the world and why do they run it the way they do?


Conspiracy: Waking Up To The Mind Control In Your Life will pose these and many other questions about the way our lives are being designed, managed and controlled- and the answers it comes up with will shock and provoke you as the full implications of them enable you to finally understand just who really runs your life.

Other titles in this series will include:
Strategies for Beating The Conspiracy
Conspiracy Theories: A Personal View
Conspiracy 2.0

Each e-book will build upon the material in the first main book and provide a forum for debate and challenge to the powers that run and ruin our lives!

Gradually the series will dovetail into the work around planning for the future, managing change and even influencing it!

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