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WHAT WE DO for NEW & SMALL BUSINESSES. Web design. Business advice for start ups and those SMEs wanting to move to the next level. Basic staff training on policies, H&S, safe guarding and so on. Basic policy creation.

THE FUTURE BLUE SKY THINKING: THE BIG PICTURE. The Inform Group is built on my steadfast belief that the worlds of business, education and community should all in fact be one world, working together for the betterment of all. This site will therefore be about the promotion of what this belief actually means, in theory and in practice, and will explore the supporting ideas and processes that must be enabled to move towards what I call “a practical utopia.”

For the business world, I will do this primarily under the new “Quality Leadership” banner, a series of books, training courses and lectures all tied together on a common theme: there is a better way of doing things and we must all work together in this way, or fail together.


For the world of learning, I will work primarily under “The 50 Year Horizon” banner, again a series of books and lectures promoting the use of science as a learning re-engagement tool AND a community regeneration tool.


For communities, both micro and macro, I will develop the “Conspiracy” brand as a starting point, but gradually expand this into specific community projects.


ALL these different strands will be gradually brought together under a common banner promoting joint working projects and initiatives instead of each area simply remaining in a silo of its own.

Where Have I Been?

Although I have managed to keep things ticking over, I have basically been out of action for over 5 years- see HERE for the full skinny.

Change The Future

Life shouldn't feel the way it does.


Being productive is not the answer; contribution is, and unless we change this paradigm, unless we stop and think, then change will always be done to us. Change management right now is, sadly, for many companies, all about using COVID-19 as a justification for wide ranging cuts in personnel, and the terms and conditions of those that remain, all without looking at the bigger picture of what happens next.


This is called hitting the target but missing the point.


Now, I know I am not the only one that thinks this way, so over time this site will become a portal of help for everyone else who understands what I am saying here, and what's more YOU can be involved and meet others so you can exchange ideas, gather momentum and work together to fight the future that looms like some undersea leviathan ever closer.

Come back soon to to find out how.


I am not stupid. I know one man alone cannot change the world. But I also know that by pushing my ideas consistently and through effective use of books, social media, lectures, blogs, training courses and so on, eventually I will find all the other like minded people out in the world and slowly but surely build a network of professionals, specialists, people of influence and enough members of the very people we serve, the public, to start to effect change.


To that end, I changed my company, The Inform Group (TIG), to concentrate on the promotion of the books, related materials and supporting initiatives. This means that I shall develop the "darreninform" brand from this point forward. The new site will also include many free papers and expand on ideas and views in various blogs, in effect, giving away material for organisations and individuals to use.


The ultimate plan is for TIG to become a foundation promoting change.

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