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I am happy to announce that I am


A Quick Statement

As many of you know, due to health reasons, I had to close the business for a while after being diagnosed with a functioning neurological disease that I had to concentrate full time on to deal with the issues caused by it.

I have still not started the treatment I hope will improve my health but at the end of last year decided that I was fed up of waiting to be 'fixed' and would get on with my life anyway. To that end I have spent the last few months redesigning my business and plan to relaunch in shortly, with a new book (You 2.0: Build Yourself Better) out in the summer, and a new weekly Podcast Series (ThinkWORKS) that has been running since April 1. Both these projects will drive everything else forward.

To that end, I am now working behind the scenes on this website which will fully open shortly. 

In the meantime, click here to be taken to it.

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