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WHAT WE DO for NEW & SMALL BUSINESSES. Web design. Business advice for start ups and those SMEs wanting to move to the next level. Basic policy creation. Basic staff training on policies, H&S, safe guarding and so on.

WHAT WE DO FOR LARGER ORGANISATIONS. Training, talks & lectures on business, science, policy, planning and so on. Workshops to develop strategy, direction and development.

WHO I AM.  I have worked for over 35 years in big corporations, small enterprises, local government, education and more, and have been running my own company for more than 10 years. I have made and seen all the mistakes that anyone setting up in business can make, whether that is as a sole trader, a social enterprise or a small business. I can take that experience and help you avoid the same mistakes, or at least show you how to recover from them if you've already begun.

One thing I will never do is pretend I have all the answers, and where necessary I will direct you to other agencies and companies that can help you better than I can.


Where Have I Been?

Although I have managed to keep things ticking over, I have basically been out of action for over 5 years- see HERE for the full skinny.

Talks, Lectures & Training

Serious or thought provoking fun. You choose. I deliver.


I have a series of talks, training sessions, workshops and lectures that can be delivered on site, that suit almost all types of organisations.

These include:


  1. Workshops on blue sky thinking, planning for the future, direction setting and more.

  2. Training on policies, basic project management, planning.

  3. Key note talks on the future, which can be tailored to your specific industry,

  4. Lectures on science and technology now and going ahead 50 years and how it could affect work, society and education.

  5. Fun talks on robots, time, aliens, multiple realities and more, great for encouraging family learning and an interest in science (or as an after dinner bit of fun for your staff).

Click Here For More.

The Big Idea

Building the Practical Utopia.

I have a steadfast belief that the worlds of business, education, local government, science and community should all in fact be one world, working together for the betterment of all. The one good thing that came out of Covid-19 is it showed what governments, science and business can do working together.

Imagine what we could achieve if all these strands came together!

This site will therefore start to feature ideas and discussions about the promotion of what this belief actually means, both in theory and in practice, and will explore the supporting ideas and processes that must be enabled to move towards what I call “a practical utopia.”

Come back soon to to find out how but if you work for a local council and want to explore a big idea that could help regenerate your region, please contact me now to discuss how my idea can become your blueprint.

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