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Reviews & Testimonials

"“'What Managers Don't Know...' is an absolute revelation! The author engages the reader from the off with a no-nonsense, real-world approach to management and leadership. It's definitely top of my list for accessibility and relevance!”"

ANON, 2013

"When I started reading this book, I was thinking about how useful it was for existing managers and leaders of organisations. However I have since realised that it is also great tool for anyone considering starting or expanding a business. It allows you to consider various pitfalls that managers fall into, and work out how you might avoid them, through 12 memorable principles for success."


SIDEBK, 2013

"Some of the lessons, exercises and techniques may seem familiar. There are only so many of them anyway but they seem more practical and accessible in this book. As an example - for the first time I understood why a team I managed was extremely successful and with the books guidance I believe I can replicate it i.e. it wasn't just a set of happy coincidences."


"When you buy this book (and you cannot afford NOT to!) it won't gather dust on your shelf. You'll find yourself reviewing what you've read, completing the audits and exercises then confidently charting a new course for yourself and your business."



"I have worked with Darren on a number of occasions over many years; most recently he presented at, and led two well-received Workshops at the National Housing and Support Congress and Exhibition 2009.
He is a creative, positive and dedicated individual; highly knowledgeable on many subjects who always has the answers either directly or through his many contacts. He is a networker second to none.
He can be relied upon to deliver project work on time and to a very high standard. He is one of the anchors I have come to rely on and a real asset on any project.  I would always welcome him to any team in which I am involved."


Stephen Bell, CHS

"The introduction to presentation skills was excellent! Several people made pertinent comments about it during their talks as the day progressed.
One employee stopped himself talking to the wall rather than the audience and admitted out loud that he realised what he was doing as a result of your advice, whilst another lost the plot a bit half way through their talk and said they wished they could ask someone to come to the front and then send him back to their chair, just to prove who really was in charge. All in all, very beneficial and thanks again."


Dr Stephen Hunt, Hydraulic Analysis Ltd

"Darren is a very focussed, knowledgeable and experienced professional who is moving The Inform Group forward to great achievements in the fields of training, information management, project management and business and community development, providing specialist help for 3rd sector, educational establishments and small businesses."


Phil Smith, A4e

"Darren has been essential to the launching of my business. His knowledge of I.T. and the Internet has been second to none, and he provides a high quality service time after time without fail. I look forward to hiring him again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."


Lynsey, There By The Grace of Goth

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