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Video Blogs and Recordings.

Here you will find video pieces and special event recordings.

The 50 Year Horizon: Science & Technology for the Non-believer.


The 50 Year Horizon is a phrase coined by Arthur C Clarke to describe the absolute limit to when one tries to predict the future. This talk starts out by explaining where science is today, to set the foundation for the 10 predictions I then go on to make.

In it I cover Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, the neutrino experiment and its implications, dark matter/dark energy and so on, before making predictions covering robotics, space conquest, virtual worlds & gaming, biotechnology, teleportation technology and more.


There is a second part to this lecture which is the discussion and Q&A session that followed.



The 50 Year Horizon: Science & technology for the non-believer (discussion section)


Second part of the lecture given at Carlton Community College  which opens the discussion up to how technology and scientific advances are being used in modern business, economic and political arenas, and what life could well be like in the future.

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