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The 50 Year Horizon:

Science and Technology for the Non-believer

The 50 Year Horizon: Science & Technology for the Non-Believer
Coming soon as both a paperback and e-book 

Is time travel possible? Do aliens exist? Can I travel through time? If a robot develops self awareness, what should we do? Will we ever travel faster than the speed of light? Does another me exist in an alternate universe?


These and more brain numbing questions (30 in all) are explored in this fun, fast paced book about where science and technology are now and where they're likely to be in 50 years time. 


So come with us and explore far horizons. Think. Ask. Discuss.

Other Titles in This Series Will Be:
The 50 Year Horizon Meets Star Trek
The 50 Year Horizon Meets Doctor Who
The 50 Year Horizon Meets The Hitchhikers Guide

The 50 Year Horizon will discuss the science and technology referred to throughout these popular TV and film series in the usual fun and easy to follow way. All these titles will be in e-book format only but will all contain new material not in the main book.

There are also a series of connected fun talks & lectures to go with this series- call now to book me to deliver them for your company do, vision sessions and club meetings.

The 50 Year Horizon: Science & Technology for the Non-Believer
A serious message behind the fun! 

Whether you are a member of the public, a business owner or an educationalist, you need to understand that science and technology are developing at a rate that is unprecedented in human history. Indeed, we stand at the threshold of a New World of science where once trusted principles are now proving to be flawed.


This affects everybody. The traditional business world for example must raise its game, it must “think outside of the box”, and embrace the new industries. If you belong to any of the communities affected by these developments you should research these theories seriously. Work with the scientists referred to in these books and this site's blogs. Fund their research with exclusivity, or, failing that, a first to market proviso. For example, if “desktop” or “storage” teleporters were deliverable, wouldn’t it make sense for the freight industries to own the patents?


Such activities would push your company to the cutting edge of technology, the PR of which would more than compensate for the funding expense. Imagine standing in front of your largest industry committees announcing funding and research roadmaps for quantum computing research, faster than light networking and teleportation devices. Twice yearly updates would keep the momentum going. You would be given constant exposure in every vertical news magazine.


And of course, should any real products or solutions present themselves in the next 50 years, you will profit, at the very least, from the patents on the technologies, and, if possible, have exclusive rights to develop and use the products until the statutory patent term ran out.


As for the people in the street, we must move to stand at the very vanguard of forward-thinking men and women, learn about the various parties involved, check out the legislation, pressure groups, and development plans. If we don’t like the direction, voice an opinion and form/join a pressure group. Or, if you do like the direction and you’re feeling really brave, make a couple of investments. It could be 50 years before you or your children/grand -children see any huge returns but wow, what a legacy you’ll be leaving them!


Whatever you do, don’t bury your head in the sand.


This is the key message to be found in The 50 Year Horizon series. From the fun comes an over arching programme- The Far Horizons Project, which is designed to help educationalists, politicians and business people unite in developing local, science based learning and development projects. 


Keep coming back here for more information.

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