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ThinkWORKS Episodes

ThinkWORKS is my weekly podcast, and will consider life, the universe & everything! That means from the farthest reaches of scientific endeavour through to how you manage your day.

Episode 1 is basically an introduction to the series and invites listeners to join in the discussion within the Forum

In this episode, we're diving into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, or AI, and exploring its potential impact- positive and negative- on both business and our home lives, with real life examples. 

Join in the discussion HERE!

Episode Schedule

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Episode 3: The Future of Work in an Age of Automation.

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, it's crucial to understand how it will shape the job market and workforce dynamics. We'll discuss strategies for lifelong learning, continuous skill development, and embracing a growth mindset. Coming April 15th.

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Episode 4: The Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies

From genetic engineering to artificial intelligence to biotechnology, new technologies are reshaping our world in profound ways. But with these advancements come complex ethical dilemmas. So, as science and technology continue to advance, it's crucial to examine the ethical considerations that arise with these advancements. Coming April 22nd.

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Episode 5: Adventures In Music (or, Why Music Is the Magic Of This Universe!)

Join myself and guest Steve Lowe as we discuss the power of music, how it has impacted both our lives, and why music holds a profound influence on humans, captivating our emotions, thoughts, and physical responses in unique ways. We'll also why music is so powerful in moving humans across emotional, psychological, and physiological dimensions, with a particular emphasis on rock music because of its reflection of the human condition.

You do not have to be a fan of rock music to listen to our discussion.

Coming April 29th.

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