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Training, Events & Workshops From An International Keynote Speaker

PLEASE NOTE THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This section is where you will find news about training courses (both online and live), book launches, speaking events and so on. If you would like to book me for either my business or fun science talks, please use

I have spoken at conferences and meetings, and trained staff not only here in the UK, but in the USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, France, Germany, China and others.

When / Where:

TBC/ Online /In Class

From the book What Managers Don't Know, this will be a full on line training course featuring PDFs, videos and audio files in at 14 modules examining each of the 12 Principles of Success from the book.

There will also be a series of in class workshops.

Keep coming back here for details!

The 12 Principles of Success
The Policies of Work
Contract Review
When / Where:

In Class at your leisure.

Tailormade for your organisational needs, a workshop covering any or all of the necessary policies needed to operate in the UK.

Includes Safeguarding, H&S, Equal Ops, Money Laundering, Corruption, Slavery, Environmental, data management & privacy and more.

On Line Courses Coming Soon

New Materials For You To Download Coming in 2021.


With the massive upheaval that has, is and will continue to occur, everyone's life is facing new challenges almost on a daily basis, whether in your life, community, business or work. To that end I have been busy preparing a series of courses, presentations and other materials for you to download and work through- some will be chargeable but many will be free- to go along side my books and white papers. These include:

How To Deal With The Unexpected Guest

A blueprint for coping with the unexpected- how to plan for, adjust to, sidestep or take advantage of the monster known as change- whether in your business or community.

Implementing The Round Table Principle

From WMDK, one of the most powerful principles gets the 'here's how to' treatment. And it starts with WHY to!

The 12 Principles of Success

All the 12 Principles from WMDK, made fully interactive with supporting materials, videos and exercises for you​ to work through in your business.

How To Access The New Materials

Lurking behind this page is a new set of subpages chock full of new applications to make the getting of the materials easy, fast and hopefully entertaining. They will go live later this year. Keep coming back for updates.​

A Bright Idea Illuminates Everything

Coming Up

Imagine a world where life, industry, science, home, business, arts, learning and community all support one another and moves toward building a world that works for everyone.

Difficult isn't it?

But what if we start small? What if we start with a self-contained eco-system where business, community, education and arts all work together? Now that's achievable and what's more, we have a project in mind! More details here.

Towards the Practical Utopia.


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