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The Big Idea

Towards The Practical Utopia

Whilst I have been building my business to focus on helping others either get into business or improve their business, I also have a dream, a big idea, that I pursue quietly in the background. This page is where I will present, explain and update on what that idea is, and the progress I am making.


The Inform Group is built on my steadfast belief that the worlds of business, education and community should all in fact be one world, working together for the betterment of all. This site will therefore be about the promotion of what this belief actually means, in theory and in practice, and will explore the supporting ideas and processes that must be enabled to move towards what I call “a practical utopia.”


“To create an unstoppable, exciting momentum of change, that leads to educational, social and economic regeneration that is sustainable, interlinked, mutually supporting, and dynamic.”



To build practical utopias of clustered social enterprises, small businesses and statutory agencies that support and service each other.


To offer flexible, educational, social and fairly based employment opportunities for all groups, especially those who are disadvantaged.


To raise the aspirations of young people and communities with high worklessness by using science to encourage lifelong learning.

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