The next book expands on the direction taken in What Managers Don't Know and focuses on using leadership to effect and manage change in your business, whether as an entrepreneur, director or manager, to maximise the impact of all that you do.

The new book also becomes the premier business focused vehicle for darreninform. Out now at Amazon and other stores.

TIGPress is my newest venture and will see the publication of books about life, work and learning. These books will have two formats- full size 200 plus page books (such as What Managers Don’t Know, my first publication) which will be available in e-format and paper versions; and smaller guide book editions (such as the What Managers Don't Know About.... series). Our primary vehicle for these will be e-book or PDF format. This, I believe, will be the quickest and most effective way of disseminating the information contained with them.


You will be able to download the e-books from here if free, or purchase directly from here, Amazon, eBay and other e-book sites if the book is chargeable. Some of the books will also have a paper version which will follow some time after the e-book version.


Each of the main books feature a set of inter-connected ideas and strategies connected to improving a specific theme (work, presentations, life, education and so on), each with their own set of actions to complete. The books are designed to be read as either One Idea A Day, or in a chunk of related actions. Whichever way you choose to implement them, you will find yourself coming back to the books time and time again for inspirational ideas, strategies and tactics to help you achieve success.


Titles for this series so far include:


Mini books will include:

  • How to become a Time Lord: Time & Prioritisation Management

  • Presenters are the new rock stars: how to design & deliver a compelling presentation

  • Stand up for your life: How to take charge of your life and be a happier, more successful person


I am currently in the process of adding e-book additions (for example What Managers Don't Know About Management: How to be a better, happier and more effective manager (WMDK Digest Series Book 3)) to the first two books as well as creating a third iteration combining the best of those books into one new platform.

Each of the main series of books have their own page here on the site. For example, What Managers Don't Know has a page devoted to the main book and the supporting series of e-books available from Amazon (the picture to the left of this box is the e-book only version of What Managers Don't Know About Management).

The same will follow for both the Conspiracy and The 50 Year Horizon series of books. Simply go back to the main menu link for this page and you will see the drop down menu that has the specific links for each series.


All my fiction work will be contained within a single page.


All pages will link to where you can order/download copies of the books from.



Spaceships, time travel, cyborgs, travelling into the deep cosmos, living forever, multiple versions of you on alternate Earths, the grey goo... all these and more discussed in Darren's chatty style in a book designed to provoke discussion and engage the mind, especially the non-scientific mind, into the great unknown that is the future.

Also coming soon, Conspiracy: Waking Up To The Mind Control In Your Life, in which we ask the question of just who runs the world and why does it frustrate and exhaust the masses of humanity who inhabit it... the answers will surprise and shock you, and maybe, just maybe, begin the counter-revolution we all need to happen.



I will also be adding a series of free white papers and blog pieces, including audio and video blogs, to the View from the Den page. So make sure you visit regularly as I populate the pages.


Furthermore, I'll be creating some online training courses and lectures based on the materials in the main books, some of which will be free to enlist in, and even those that are fee based will be keenly priced to get as many people involved in changing the way we live and work as possible. The links to these courses will be under the "Training & Events" menu link.