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Example Talks & Lectures

This section is where you will find information and news about lectures, speaking events and so on. If you would like to book me for either my business or fun science talks, please use

Time Is Nature's Way of Stopping Everything From Happening All At Once: Discuss. V2.
When / Where:

At your location and when is irrelevant. (think about it)

I'm delighted to announce that my most requested talk is now freshly updated and looking like a movie from JJ Abrahms. Prepare to have your brain fried by the idea that time may not be at all what we think it is, and such concepts as there was no time before the big bang, how we could travel through time right now (we just need exotic matter and a spaceship capable of travelling at 99% the speed of light), and whether or not a mobile phone carrying drag queen appeared in a Charlie Chaplin silent movie...


Ask me to come and do the talk at your conference or dinner event. 

The 50 Year Horizon Lecture
When / Where:

Somewhere in Time/RHS

This lecture was delivered several years ago and captured by a member of the audience for a project he was working on. There is a small factual error in it- wonder if anyone will pick up on it? Click on the Image to be taken to it. Feel free to email me any questions! Enjoy!

Plus, there is a new updated version of this lecture now available for your science group, club dinner, coffee group chat and so on.

Other Fun Talks (with a serious message) Include...

There are several more talks in the Far Horizons series that are both entertaining and thought provoking, ranging from the "Time" talk, and the full Far Horizons Lecture. These include:


"I'm Sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."- Robots and AI in fact & Fiction

From the sinister AI and robots of The Terminator, 2001 and The Forbin Project to the real life raptor warbots, Rooma vacuum cleaners, the Replika AI program and the Erica android, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction! A whirlwind look at what it all means for carbon based lifeforms...  

There's An Elephant on my Head, and other tales of the Multiverse.

What if there isn't a single universe, but a multiverse, with other Earths, other realities, other yous! And what if the rules and laws are different? And what if the one reality crashes into another? Time for a mind-bending trip through reality not as you know it.

The Supergirl Paradox: Earths and the Superheroes.

A full year before Hugh Everett III posited the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics (which gave rise the the multiverse theories), DC Comics ran a story where Wonder Woman was teleported to another Earth and met her doppelganger. Using the convoluted history of Supergirl/Power Girl, we explain the difference between competing theories of multiple realities and alternate timelines. Bring your spandex to this one!

More Coming Soon

We'll be having previews of all the talks on these pages, as well as information on new lectures and science talks soon, so keep checking back here.​


Coming Up

Conspiracy: Waking Up To The Mind Control in Your Life.

An honest appraisal of conspiracy theories past and present, all the favourites, and then a new one that looks at the REAL conspiracy that we should all become aware of. Forget aliens, lizard people and dark ops, it's all about the money... and those that control it are far more subtle and insidious. Time to fight the future.

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