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The End of The World Is Nigh! Thank the Gods!!!

It's possible that it may have escaped your attention (but unlikely) that this Friday is when the world is due to end. Well, that's according to some loose tabloid interpretations of some Mayan texts. No, not txts, TEXTS.

In fact, even if we've managed to calculate the date correctly (and there's controversy over that too) what the texts more likely alude to is the fact that there will be a change in the way modern life is conducted. A major upheaval is in the offing. But what could that mean?

Well, it could mean the end of civilisation as we know it I suppose, but there are several things that I hope it means more than most!

  • The end of this rabid form of capitalism (that isn't really capitalism, it's greed!). The current banking and financial system is EVIL. There is no other word for it. Let's put in forms that even bankers will understand: You caused a global meltdown through your greed-inspired malpractices, which has put people out of work and caused prices to soar! You then repossess the homes of the recently unemployed and sell them on at a profit! Now do you see why you are evil? Basically you sat down and said: "Let's cause a problem so we can buy things up really cheap." So I would love this to be the end of your importance.

  • The end of a crazy world view that judges how successful a country is by how much its citizens spend in the shops. Think about it!!!

  • The end of a society that rewards greed, ruthlessness and cold heartedness and punishes the weak in our society. Ditto.

  • The end of Privilege. Do I really need to explain why this is all about control and serfdom? I do?! Okay, well keep watching for upcoming materials.

  • The end of the celeb culture we have embraced so greedily. When a young girl's aspiration in the world is to be a WAG, something is clearly wrong. I would also like to see The X-Factor consigned to history!

  • The end of an education system based on teaching us how to be productive (and controllable) rather than teaching a love of learning. This is NOT the teachers fault by the way. It's ours for letting successive Govts change education so that it teaches nothing of value anymore. Oh it teaches us how to be wage slaves, but ethics? Development? Co-operation? Community? Vision? Compassion? No.

  • The end of the lie of democracy. What we have today in the West, especially in the UK and USA, is not democracy! Do we really think we have a choice between Left and Right in the UK? Really? They went to the same schools, they're members of the same societies (mostly Fabian), none of them know the price of a pint of milk or a loaf of bread, and all of them want to appease the markets at the expense of individual lifes. Not lives. Lifes. The choice is illusion. WHY do you think the banks have been allowed to get away with what they've done and no-one is in jail?

Now, given the power that the Fabians and the Rothschilds and their peers have in the world, and the increasingly desperate measures they're taking to dumb us down, control and monitor our focus and generally turn us into zombies who do as we're told, I doubt any of these things will end on Friday.

But if enough of us start saying no from Friday, maybe it could be the start of the end of these things.

And wouldn't that be cool?

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