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It was all going so well. I had clients. I had pipeline. I had materials and bookings.

And then I had to take over FIVE years to recover from a terrible accident all of my own making! Basically, I somehow managed to put myself into a position where a 15 foot column of vintage desktop computers (some made of metal!!) fell on top of me, fracturing vertebra at both the top and base of my spine, causing severe neurological damage that would cause bouts of paralysis, numbness, pins and needles in my hands so severe I couldn't touch anything, and worst of all, blinding headaches that would literally leave me wasted for days at a time.

As to how I managed to get into that position in the first place, that is a story for after dinner speaking- or at least after meeting drinkies. Suffice to say I laugh my head off when I think of it.

So am I all better now? Not exactly, I have surgery still to face to deal with secondary issues, and I will be on a regime of physical intervention and drug therapy for perhaps the rest of my life (the main injury is in a place too dangerous to operate on unless absolutely necessary), BUT.... BUT at last I am able to work consistently, and my energy levels are returning to pre-accident levels, so now is the time for me to start again.

Because, yes, be under no illusion, it is like starting all over again. What's great about it is that I know where the pitfalls and the hidden traps are, and I have learned from the stupid mistakes I made in the past. So I have been busy planning and plotting and preparing- and whilst it will be late 2020 or even into 2021 before I am able to get back on the road, I am now producing the materials that I need as well as picking up the promotion threads here on the interweb.

Actually, I had planned to relaunch in May 2020, but of course the small problem of a global pandemic arose- which not only caused issues out there for potential clients but also led to the cancellation of 2 of my treatment programmes (hopefully they will start up again soon). But I am still stronger and fitter than last year and I can't keep putting off the relaunch until everything is "perfect"- because it never will be.

So yep, I am going back to the future and starting again.

But this time without those bloody columns of computers!

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