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Why Being A Rock DJ Is Good For Business

Regular followers of my Twitter and Facebook feeds will know that I've been doing a rock show for RadioBarnsley ( every Wednesday night between 7pm and 10pm, for the last couple of months. What I find interesting, and often funny, is that some of those followers don't get why I am doing the show, let alone promoting it. After all, what has a rock show got to do with running a business, right?

At this point I usually roll my eyes and sigh.

Let me tell you why doing this show is absolutely brilliant for me and for running a business.

  • It's fun. Ok, I know a lot of business people, especially in the UK, find the whole concept of fun used in context of work a bit of an anathema. But seriously folks, you should try it sometime. For me, I've always loved music- rock music especially- and use it to help me get focused, excited, inspired (hi @gabbyyoung, my most consistent muse of the last 2 years) and energised (trust me, if you're feeling a bit flat there's nothing better than airguitaring it around the office to "For Those About To Rock" by AC/DC to get the blood pumping again). So when I heard about this charity station looking for new DJs, I thought, that sounds like FUN. And fun I have. So do you think I go into work* on Thursday with an even bigger smile on my face than usual? You bet I do! (*To be honest, I shouldn't really call what I do work but you get my drift!). And do you think that means I have a little more energy that usual? Oh yes!

  • It helps a good cause. The work this station does with people, especially young people, with low self esteem is astounding. It takes people who won't say boo to a goose and turns them into DJs who start to say things, on air, like "Who wrote this rubbish!?!" It is great to see this in action. The people who provide this training and tuition do an incredible job but they can't do that, run the station AND do all the DJ slots too. So my contribution was at first to take one of the evening slots. I am now helping them with their future development plans (and very exciting they are too!) and also plan to take a daytime "talkradio" slot. Why? Because it IS a good cause. Helping that cause makes me feel good about myself too. Again, do you think feeling good about who I am and what I do makes me more effective in other aspects of my life? I know, some executives don't need to feel good about themselves because they're happy making their millions and squashing the competition at every opportunity. I'm NOT one of those people. I don't want to squash anyone and I would much rather happily achieve than achieve to be happy.

  • I am learning new and useful skills. I didn't set out to do this consciously but it is an unescapable truth. I now know my way around a radio desk. I am learning the best way to speak on radio. I am learning what a radio host requires in a guest, so I can be a better guest. With the imminent release of my second book, as well as a major push on my first book starting in the New Year, I fully intend to be speaking all over the place. What kind of guest would our local radio jocks prefer (especially for repeat gigs): one who helps them do a great show or one who is a little hard to get involved because they're a bit awed by a studio environment?

  • It gives me a new vehicle with which to reach out with. Again, not a conscious reason as to why I chose to do The Barnsley Rock Show, but in the New Year I will be (hopefully) taking a day time slot which will be more like a Jeremy Vine talk slot, looking at issues of the week, with guests, ideas discussion, commentary and opinions. Do you think that will raise my profile as a local business entrepreneur or not? I believe it will.

  • It has raised my profile. The fact is that my starting to do a show as a bit of fun to help a local project has already opened some doors to some great new contacts, possible paid work and had a positive impact on how some services now percieve me.

So, now do you see why I do it? Even if you're a stick-in-the-mud-business-is-business-and-fun-is-not type, the additional practical benefits outlined in 3 and 4 should satisfy even you. What you need to understand that these benefits were not intentionally sought, but came out of something that most business people would not have thought about doing.

Sometimes, doing something for fun gives you payback in ways you couldn't even have considered!

By the way, you can listen to my show, The Barnsley Rock Show, on Wednesday evenings between 7pm and 10pm on and if rock isn't your thing, simply listen to some of the other shows- they play everything from 50s rock and roll to modern pop. You see, just by listening to this station 30 minutes a day helps it move toward securing an exciting future where it can benefit even more local people. Or you could even come in and offer your time in helping run it (even if you don't want to be a DJ). And if you're not local, listen anyway!

And you never know, you just might have some fun!

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